Dear American person


parentingawardeco1Living, as you do, in the spiritual home of peanut butter, you can, if you poke around a bit, find an extraordinary variety of peanut butters and peanut oil. So why on earth should you buy peanut butter from the other side of the world?
Because you won’t find any American peanut butters quite like ours. Despite the fact that our Hi-oleic nuts were developed in the US, they just can’t be grown in America. It’s something to do with cross pollination with ordinary peanuts that makes them revert within a season. The trick is to declare  your whole country Hi-oleic, which is what Australia and Argentina have done.
Argentinian Hi-oleics are, however, harvested younger than their Australian cousins, making them sweeter, but with a less intense flavour.

So, that’s why you won’t find any American peanut butter quite like ours. And hey, if you don’t find it the best tasting peanut butter you’ve ever eaten, we will give you your money back.