Dear Australian person


You may or may not know that you are about to buy an Australian peanut butter that is made in New Zealand. Or to put it another way, New Zealand peanut butter (and our Peanut Oil) made with Australian peanuts. We want to be perfectly clear about this, because there are peanut butter makers out there who make alarmingly turgid statements about their stuff, such as:
“Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients” be very afraid. Probably means Chinese nuts and Australian salt.
“Made from Hi-oleic Australian or Argentine peanuts (Australian where possible)” This will at least be safe to eat. It means made from Argentine peanuts, unless Aussie nuts are cheaper, which they never are.
We use Australian nuts not because we are neighbours or down under mates. We use 100 % Aussie nutsbecause they are the best and make our peanut butter taste really good. We’re also hands on peanut butter makers who fresh roast those Australian beauties without adding a thing, like sugar. We figure you’d want to know that.